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Reiki/Coaching Options

FREE Discernment Session

30 Minutes

(Valued at $75)


Reiki is an energy-healing modality and spiritual practice that was developed in Japan and consists of two aspects: “Rei,” which can be thought of as the Divine, God, Enlightened Mind, Spirit, or Universal Consciousness, and “ki,” which can be thought of as raw life force, the “breath of life,” the energy that animates all living things. The Japanese “ki” is identical in meaning to the Chinese “qi” or “chi”.


Reiki is grounded in the understanding that everything we perceive and experience consists of energy flowing at various speeds and frequencies. States of suffering are seen to result from blocked energy flow in one or more aspects of our experience—whether the physical body, thoughts, emotions, or circumstances. Healing is achieved through invoking and welcoming the infinite goodness and healing capacity of the Divine and releasing blocked energy, allowing it to flow freely once more. 


Your absence has gone through me

Like thread through a needle.

Everything I do is stitched with its color.

—W. S. Merwin

Merwin’s poem speaks to the impact of loss. But what about contribution, for good or ill? What about the loves, wins, joys, triumphs, assaults, injuries, tragedies, injustices of a life? Do they not also stitch all with their color? 

Spiritual practice is, for me, fundamentally about weaving a tapestry of transcendence, of infinite benevolence and benefit from ALL of experience, the “good,” “bad,” and neutral. 

Spiritual coaching—sometimes called “spiritual direction”—is about aiding and companioning others in this spiritual work in their own lives. This work may or may not be explicitly “religious.” People are spiritual in myriad ways, and the role of the spiritual coach is to help them identify and meaningfully engage their spirituality to heal and enrich their lives. 

The particular mission of Fire Opal Healing & Wellness is to help clients intentionally leverage their suffering as a catalyst to spiritual growth. 


Healing “boosts” are simply blocks of time that I set aside weekly during which I send Reiki healing to my subscribing clients between sessions. This is not a one-to-one or even a group Zoom session; rather, it is a block of time during which my clients can know they’re receiving an extra boost of Reiki from me. If time permits, they may wish to meditate or relax quietly with a set intention for healing; if not, they can simply get on with their day and hold the intention lightly—or not at all. The Reiki will work its magic for them regardless.


Also, for my subscribing clients, I offer up to 15 minutes of phone support between sessions. 

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