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Fire Opal Origin Story

Fire Opal Healing & Wellness is the fruit of my spiritual journey and healing over the past 30+ years, joined to my lifelong drive to be of service to the world.

​My call to study and offer Reiki healing arose directly from my spiritual practice. In 2011, as I neared a milestone in my Buddhist practice, I experienced a spontaneous upwelling of what felt like an electrical current coursing through my body. In that moment, I understood the tingling, effervescent sensation to be healing me at a deep level. I felt a yearning and call to cultivate and use this spirit energy to heal myself and others. And, most significantly, I realized that it is through my own woundedness that I am to accomplish this and so turn my deepest, most intransigent grief and anguish to profound healing and empowerment for myself and all I can reach.

​I resonate powerfully with the fire opal’s healing and protective attributes—especially those of healing memories of past trauma, reigniting passion and drive, and protecting against harmful spiritual or energetic influences. Seeking to harness these beneficial energies to my healing work, I took Fire Opal as the name and energetic mascot for my spiritual healing and coaching practice.

Image by Billy Pasco
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